Hello, I'm Sue Ann Desrochers, the founder of Heart Centered Healing LLC. I'm an energy healer, a life path coach and facilitator of several modalities to help others heal inside and out.

How does it all work


There are several different ways I can help you, and healing thru one-on-one sessions is my specialty. I've helped others make peace with the past thru guided meditations and life path guidance/coaching. I've also done ancestral healing and Shamballa/Reiki that can be very powerful. It's all tailored to each individuals needs.




Each and every one of us desires healing in one way or another. Thru Heart Centered Healing, we can get to the center of where that healing can take place, thru body and mind/soul.


Together we can take a journey to put you on track to making your life the absolute best that it was always meant to be. It's all up to you!